Who we are

The Okunsanya Foundation was established by members of the Okunsanya family, in honor of their paternal grandparents, The Right Reverend I.O.S and Mrs. J.A. Okunsanya, with blessed memories.

The Right Reverend I.O.S and Mrs. J.A. Okunsanya’s lives, ministry and selfless service - spanning five decades - were a strong testament on how to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. They served and ministered with love to all people, no matter who they were. Their philosophy of ministry was not only to help each life they touched come to know Christ, but also to help them find deeper meaning in their own lives and the lives of others. Our family learned first-hand the power of Christ’s love through their work.

With their special focus on education, poverty and the needs of young people, the Okunsanyas inspired their grandchildren to continue their exemplary ministry and rich legacy by establishing the Okunsanya Foundation. The Foundation is comprised of several members of the Okunsanya family and volunteers.